Math Survival Skills

Many of my students are very nervous about math. It isn't really that they don't know how to do problems, but mostly that they don't know where to start.

Doing math is like eating an elephant - it is only possible one bite at a time. Break big problems into smaller parts. The small parts are usually easier than trying to find an answer in one step.

There are a lot of good web sites out there that can give you ideas and advice. Here is one of my favorites: Survival Skills for High School Graduates

In my classes, here is the way your quarterly grades are weighted:

% of Total Type Restrictions
40% Assignments show your work unless the assignment says “do these in your head” or"mental math" – no work, no points
20% Vocabulary and Quizzes no notes for vocabulary quiz
may use notes for other quizzes
40% Tests for some tests you may be able to use notes

Mrs. Shearer is available before class, at lunch, and after school to help you. Remember that if you are absent you are responsible for making up all missed work.

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