Some Helpful Math Resources

Algebra Homework Help -- People's Math! This site has homework help from free tutors, a section on how to solve word problems, and a vocabulary game.

Math History -- The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive has biographies and topics. While some of the explanations are too difficult for younger students, they have pictures and it is always a great place to start. - This site has everything!

Ask Dr. Math - Click on High School and select from Algebra topics for questions asked by other kids and the answers. Also available from the Drexel University site are problems of the week, homework help, and other topics. This site also has a section for parents that has a lot of resources.

Math Academy - math explanations in an encyclopedia format for elementary basic math through Calculus Solutions

Home School Math - good worksheet resource for parents and teachers for grades K-6

Harcourt Math Glossary - multimedia glossary for grades 1-8. The grade 8 selection has a lot of definitions that relate to Algebra.

Wikipedia On-line Encyclopedia, has articles on Math, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus. Go to the home page and type in any topic. I have found that Wikipedia is fairly reliable on math and math history, but as always with any open wiki, all information should be verified but other sources.

A+ Math - basic math skills and games to make practice fun

Cool math - lots of fun math stuff like logic, puzzles, and math games. This is my favorite games site, from simple puzzles to comlex logic games. Includes lessons in topics from basic arithmetic to calculus. Explore it when you have some time. Especially helpful is:

Math Cats - A wonderful site for younger students and their parents. Lots of activities, games, and art projects.

Math World is an excellent vocabulary resource with examples. It is most useful for advanced math students.

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