British couple driving ambulance across the globe for world record


A British couple bought an ambulance off eBay are on a quest to break the Guinness World Record for longest journey in an ambulance — and they’ve already unofficially succeeded.

Lawrence Dodi and Rachel Nixon, who are both veterinarians, said they were initially planning to purchase an RV to travel the world, but an ambulance for sale on eBay caught their attention in 2018.

“We were looking for a functional vehicle to go traveling in and we fell in love with the ambulance and the aesthetics,” Dodi told CNN.

The pair, accompanied by their dog, Peggy Sue, set off in their white Land Rover Defender in October 2021 with a goal of visiting 50 countries and setting the Guinness World Record for longest journey in an ambulance.

They said Guinness regulations required them to ensure the vehicle’s paint job still resembled an emergency vehicle and the interior was still outfitted with everything it would need to function as medical transport. The couple managed to reorganize the interior to make room for a small stove and a refrigerator.

Dodi and Nixon have now traveled to 24 countries across Europe and crossed more than 14,913 miles — surpassing the goal of 12,427.4 miles set by Guinness World Records. The couple said they plan to continue toward their goal of visiting 50 countries, including shipping the ambulance across the ocean to drive across North and South America — before applying for the record.