Matschie’s tree kangaroo joey born at Nebraska zoo


A Nebraska zoo announced a baby Matschie’s tree kangaroo was born at the facility recently and has started to poke its head out of its mother’s pouch.

The Lincoln Children’s Zoo said Judie, a Matschie’s tree kangaroo, gave birth to a baby on May 3 and the now-27-week-old baby has started to see the world for the first time.

“The joey is currently 27 weeks old and just now starting to poke its head out of moms pouch more often,” the zoo said in a Facebook post.

Matschie’s tree kangaroos are about the size of a lima bean at birth and don’t open their eyes until they are about 21 weeks old. They typically emerge from their mother’s pouches for the first time at about 28 weeks and leave the pouch permanently at the age of about 40 weeks.

“It’s too early to determine the sex of the joey, so keep your eye out for that information as well as a name,” the zoo said.

Judie, the joey and father Bexley are currently on exhibit, but the zoo cautioned visitors might not catch a glimpse of the baby until it starts to roam outside of the pouch.