‘Super Skills’ Guinness World Records Day kicks off with somersaulting feat


The 19th annual Guinness World Records Day is underway, and the record-keeping organization announced new records including most blindfolded standing backwards somersaults in one minute.

The organization announced a slate of new records Thursday for GWR Day 2022, which bears the theme “Super Skills.”

Dinesh Sunar, who grew up in Nepal and now lives in the Unites States, earned the record for most blindfolded standing backwards somersaults in one minute, managing 21 in the time limit. Sunar, a parkour expert, has multiple Guinness titles to his name, including most parkour twisting backflips off a wall in one minute and most backward somersaults against a wall in 30 seconds (parkour).

Guinness World Records said other records broken for GWR Day include most rotating puzzles solved whilst on a skateboard, 500; most consecutive football touches while hanging with one hand in 30 seconds, 87; most consecutive football touches on a quad bike performing a wheelie (team of two), 80; most bunny hops to rear onto a bar in one minute, 14; most basketball arm rolls in one minute (three basketballs), 56; most single arm handstands in one minute (male), 23; most handstands in one minute (male), 41; and most alternating single arm handstands in one minute, 32.

Other records slated to be attempted on Thursday include most Rubik’s cubes solved in 24 hours, fastest 20m backbend knee lock, most hula hoops spun simultaneously whilst on stilts and most football crossovers in one minute.